Bring the Bird Watching Right to Your Window

Stock up on bird seed in Waterloo, IA

It can be relaxing and entertaining to watch birds stopping by your feeder for some food or sugar water before flitting off to somewhere new. You need bird seed to keep them coming back. The Mill of Gilbertville always has plenty of bird seed available for sale.

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Shop for squirrel feeders at our store

Squirrels are lively, unique creatures. Do you love to sit out on your porch and watch them frolic and chitter away? With one of the squirrel feeders we sell, you'll be able to give squirrels a reason to scamper around your backyard.

You can also buy:

Bat houses
Squirrel food

If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know. You might be able to special order it from our store.

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